Photography Exhibit

Twilight: Greenport Under Sapphire Skies

OCT 15 THRU NOV 20, 2016

539 1st St,
Greenport, NY 11944
(631) 477-0660

“Heavenly shades of night are falling, it's twilight time” Platters (1958)

Twilight has a way of transforming the way we see the world around us. The mundane becomes magnificent, the commonplace becomes extraordinary. This series of  photographs of Greenport Village and surrounding areas were photographed during twilight and the “blue hour,” and reveals colors and lights that we rarely notice with the naked eye. The camera catches a world somewhere between substance and deepening shadows in the purple afterglow of the blue hour. These photos of Greenport locations and landmarks will surprise and delight the viewer. IGA never looked this good, and the glow emanating from Scrimshaw’s or Claudio’s dockside restaurant is almost magical.

Of course, our North Fork sunsets are amazing, but when those rosy fingers of twilight interact with our street or dock lights, we experience it differently. La hora azul, the blue hour, happens when the sun is far below the horizon and casts a sapphire glow just before the veil of darkness falls over the village. The aura of sapphire skies transforms harbor and street lights into starry gems.

“... in the afterglow of day, we keep our rendezvous beneath the blue.” Platters (1958) 

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